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Tabula Rasa - First in the Series - Angela Fournier


This is beginning of our heroine's life journey as an abused, frightened young woman and her transformation into Angela Fournier. Through her travels she is pushed into prostitution where she meets a mentor who turns her young energy into a dedicated businesswoman who honors friendship above all. She escapes the clutches of a mad man, confronts her demons, finds love and is introduced into the “family business”. Her past defines her, her future empowers her.

John F Russo writer of the

Angela Fournier Spy Thriller Series

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Darkness After Midnight - Second in the Series



A US soldier, Lieutenant Billy Clark, is set up to take the fall after he eliminates either one of two leaders in the conflict inflicting South Sudan. His trained mind suspects a double-cross and he runs for his life to the only safe haven he is familiar with, the Canadian Consulate, Nairobi, Kenya some 1250 kilometers through the most cut-throat of lands. Along the way, he meets up with a young woman, Maysa and her young daughter, also on the run to escape the tragedies of civil war and village shame. Together they elude a pressuring special ops team, the DOD’s newest identifier, PAG, and yet still manage to save a UN Camp from notorious rebels. The aftermath of an US missile strike directs Angela Fournier and her team to fly to Africa to try and save this innocent man and heroic woman.

Compromised Interests - Third in the Series


On their return flight from Africa to French Guiana, Angela Fournier and her team, fresh from the horrific plight of one of Angela’s newest recruits, Lt. Billy Clark, head for the peaceful and luxurious accommodations of Fournier Foundation’s yacht, Claire’s Sanctuary. Their itinerary is to travel up the coast, round the tip of Venezuela and head for Roatan, Honduras to inspect one of Fournier Foundations most recent water installations located on the mainland. Angela and Jeff become suspicious after viewing the plant and on the day of celebration, they are brazenly kidnapped from the stage by an associate of one of Honduras’ most influential cartels—the Valle-Valle Brothers.

Separated, Angela manages to fight off her assailants, but with dire consequence and she is left to die. Her husband, Jeff Malardo, is taken to an undisclosed bunker where he meets an U.S. Admiral of unique circumstance. A rebel army, lead by La Diosa, finds Angela and takes her back to their jungle camp. With the help of La Diosa, together, they search the jungles in an attempt to thwart this injustice and counter blatant murder. 

A foiled plot of abduction thrusts Angela’s team into a world of espionage and corruption from the very governments we have placed in power to protect us. A discovered laptop introduces PATHOS, a multi-trillion dollar corporation who is sanctioned to maintain ‘collective’ control of the world’s citizens.

Whiteburn - Coming Soon