Futuristic Fables


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The Engram, (engineered responsive analytical monitor) is the absolute instrument for the re-introduction of man; derived from stored vials of ancient DNA samples from the 22nd century, they are co-mingled to form the perfect human, according to the computer’s malfunctioning, algorithmic data. Fortunately for mankind, by the third generation of procreation, some of the citizens are without the Engram’s strain. Madame Noir, who is a perfect clone of her ancestry, and her devoted Nalhsian friend, Master Leumas, weave the intentions of their love ones to pursue their discoveries, to find, for themselves, the missing link to survival. Lashed with humor, love, intrigue and self-discoveries, our hero, Relaeh “the Healer” from Nalhs, foregoes his adopted Nalhsians, to discover his human destiny; the year is 15,082 AD.

A Series is in the making